Comfi Kids Pillow

IDR 590,000.00
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Comfi Kids Pillow 5 5

Kids Breathing Pillow (Include 1 insert) - Blue Rp.550.000

Recommended Age on box: 1 year – 7 years. Size: 28 x 50 x 4.5 cm

Recommended Age actual use: 9 months – 7 years


Comfi is one of a kind pioneer in pillow technology. Now you can give the best for your baby when they sleep.

Comfi is different from other pillows because:

  • -Breathable : Means your baby can breathe easily when sleeping in all positions
  • -Cool: Because it is breathable, means babies can sleep better with less sweating
  • -Prevents Flat Head: The shape and support of Comfi pillows allows you to rotate you rbaby's head when they are sleeping to prevent flat head syndrome
  • -Great Support : 3D construction, composed of 40 support points per cubic centimeter, this fabric allows for effective pressure release for the cervical vertebrae
  • -Prevent Suffocation: Comfi allows air to pass freely and thoroughly, reducing the chance of suffocation
  • -Washable and Clean: The only technology where you can regularly and easily WASH your pillows. uniquely washable function. Water flows through, taking away all the dirt and also reducing bacteria at the same time. Water can pass freely through Comfi.
  • -European Standard - Oeko-Tex 100 Certificate: SGS and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification in Europe, which is free from allergens and toxic chemicals to ensure a safe and healthy sleep for your baby

Care Instrictuons for Comfi:

It is hygienic to remove dirt or germs by washing and drying under direct sun regularly

Washing guide:

Hand wash or soak with hot water (suggested effective and safe temperature at 55-60 degrees celcius). For Comfi Organic Pillow Case, it is recommended please only use 30 degrees celcius

We recommend hand wash or soak. Do not twist.

Do not use softener, Do not bleach, Do Sun dry

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