Tum Tum Nesting Snackpots

IDR 189,000.00
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Tum Tum Nesting Snackpots 2 2

Tum Tum Nesting Snackpots

Product Description

"Sealable, storable, stackable, adorable. Simple, yet fun set of 4 kids snack boxes which handily fit inside each other for easy storage. Ideal for small sandwiches or snacks such as pasta salad, chopped up cucumber or raisins. Can be used in the microwave but without lid pushed on. TUM TUM is a family business, based in Buxton in the Peak District. Being parents ourselves, with children who were determined to feed themselves independently we have always tried to make mealtimes fun and relaxed whilst helping them to feed themselves by themselves. Big design for little fingers!

Box Contains

4 x Lidded Snack Pots

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