Tum Tum Tippy Up Cup

IDR 119,000.00
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Tum Tum Tippy Up Cup 35 35

Tum Tum Tippy Up Cups

Fun training cup for babies and toddlers, with flip top, leak proof lid
With weighted straw for any way up drinking (weight follows liquid)
Dishwasher & steriliser safe
Straw not suitable for use in microwave due to metal parts
Capacity: 200ml

Tum Tum Design
Up down, down up. Who cares? Thanks to its nifty weighted straw this handy sippy cup can go any way up and still the straw will find the drink
Perfect for both conventional and baby led weaning
When on the move the lid closes, bending the straw over to stop any leaks
Plus, you have to admit... it is super cute

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